3D Printing

Sabine El-Kahi

Email: accu3dmodel@gmail.com,

Contact: 00961 3 189411

Location: Nahr El Mot, Beirut, Lebanon

Type of printer: FDM (soon resin printer)

Material used: ABS (soon resin)

Price Range: ABS:20$ and above; Resin: 50$ and above (high resolution)

Nishan Ashekian

Email: matrix-nishan@hotmail.com

Contact: 00961263 054 / 009613403 147

Location: Bourj Hammoud

Houchaimeh Jewlery

Email: info@houchaimeh.com

Contact: +9613502106

Location: Centre Azur, 2nd floor, New Jdeideh, Lebanon

Printer: Resin Printer

A2M Studio

Email: info@a2mstudio.com

Contact: +961 1  880666

Location: W.  Yassine Bldg.  Zalka,  Metn,  Lebanon

Printer: SLA

Karim Dada

Contact: karim.dada@gmail.com

Printer: bits from bytes 3000

Rapid Manufactory

Email: guillaume@rapidmanufactory.com

Contact: +961 3 56 66 01, +961 1 566 241

Location: The Bakery, Salah Labake Street, Building 746, Section 4, Rmeil/Mar Mkayel

Printer: color 3Dprinter (Zcorp large printer)

Material: Powder, with salt or cyanoacrilate impregnation (Max dimension in one piece: 25x30x35cm)

Price range: available on the website

Resolution: max horizontal: 600DPI, max vertical: 87 microns


Shapeways (Netherlands)

Ponoko (US)

Materialise Onsite (Belgium)

Sculpteo (France)


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